The Future of Storytelling

Patterns fascinate me. Lately, everywhere you look people are touting the power of storytelling. More than a pattern, it’s a wave past its crest.

While I’m a believer in the power of storytelling, it’s gotten so overblown. So much so that I craved the next wave. So I guess I was poised for some pattern recognition.

This summer, in what felt like a hot fudge sundae of indulgence, I read 5 books in June and July. I read them like a librarian, voraciously and without remorse. As my family pointed out, this was a departure from my usual habit of cramming data tables and research abstracts in my beach bag with the sunscreen.

After all that reading, I saw a pattern emerge. In fact, I saw the future of story telling.

There are 3 keys driving this new wave of story development. I share them in the video above.

Do you need to spiff up your Linked-In profile? Want to update your bio? Write a manifesto people will actually read?

Then click the video to learn the 3 keys to the future of storytelling.