Seeing Beyond—The Future is in Our Humanity

I spent more time talking to people for this year’s annual Trend Forecast Report 2020. Tuning into the subtle waves in their voices, meeting their eyes, I couldn’t help hearing the poignant emotions.

Folks are burnt out and loaded with self-doubt. What’s this about?

Here’s my take: The culture’s emphasis on quantification and technology is starting to feel a little empty. The harried forces that push and pull us toward excessive productivity and splinter our sense of identity won’t feed our souls.

The levels of toxic stress in our society are cresting now. Rather than adapting, people are pushing back. I explain why in the report, which you can get here.

Just as powerful, is the way people are coming together, in real time, to stem the feeling of anxiety about the uncertainty of tomorrow. I was moved by many beautiful gestures of humanity. Take for example  Shannon Downey’s remarkable project that inspired 1,000+ people to finish a quilt.

It’s a new decade. If you’re looking to break out in a new direction, consider embracing the powers of optimism, enchantment and wonder. It’s scarce and sorely needed!