Envisioning a Way Forward—Trend Report 2019

Every year, I bury myself. Not literally. I burrow into consumer data and devour breaking research and corporate forecasts. I interview experts and focus group moderators. My desktop is a jumble of notes and Post-Its. But there’s a method to the madness.

Tracking the tremors before they turn into trends is my passion. But it’s not my mission.

My mission is to convince bright professionals that the future is full of potential. I know what I’m talking about.

I’ve spent nearly a quarter century helping my clients build their businesses, communicate ambitious plans and most of all make quality decisions. Fortune 500 brands and small enterprises alike have turned to me since 1995 for advice on campaigns that run ahead of the curve.

Right now, we’re witnessing tectonic shifts in the culture. You can feel it. Yet, this is what it looks like prior to the birth of a new social order. I wrote a book predicting this shift back in 2008, The Ren Gen. Every major leap forward by a society is preceded by a descent, which is why things feel so dark at the moment.

As some of you prepare your taxes, it may seem as if the economy is chugging right along. In truth, the nation and its citizens are living a financial falsehood, racking up record debt. Despite the false sense of abundance, this year more people revealed a deep-seated struggle for meaning and a persistent sense of self-doubt.

With such unsettling undercurrents afoot, how do we move forward? Part of the solution is to see ahead. Yet, try as you might, if all you see is fog and snow, and you feel like you’re vehicle is careening off the road, it’s impossible to plot a potential destination.  Because we live in tenuous times, our imaginations fail us.

My annual Trend Report is here to help. It’s free! No come-ons, no hidden agendas, just free! It’s my gift to the brave souls who heed the call to lead the way forward. I do it to help my friends and clients fuel their creative engines.

This year’s report explores some of the existential uncertainty that kept cropping up during interviews. At the very least, it should tell you that you’re not alone if your knuckles are stiff from hanging on waiting for the weather to lift.

I’m honored to bring you The Inner Life of Trends: Meaning, Motivations and What’s Morphing in 2019.

It’s broken down into 3 topics—body, mind and soul. Taken together, I address the whole person. Not just the person who is the consumer—buying what you’re selling and influencing others to do the same. It’s vital for visionary leaders to appreciate our customers as whole people if we hope to deliver anything meaningful in the future.

Click here and have a look-see.

Don’t let your imagination go dark in 2019. The plans you conceive have the power to light up a room…and beyond.

Have a brilliant year!