2019 Resolution: Break Free from the Work/Life Paradox Part 2

To make the most of everyday life in 2019, I want to focus on the nexus of work and wellbeing. I’m talking about work/life integration, not work/life balance. Rather than seeking balance, which is nearly impossible for us mere mortals, I’d like to argue that it’s better to seek integration of the parts of our lives that matter most.

I’ve looked into it and there are two approaches to work/life integration. First, work is so essential to sustaining ourselves—no matter how we define work–that it’s important for living well. This requires me to make a concerted effort to define which aspects of work are the most meaningful, and put my attention there. For what remains, I must set priorities. Impossible? Then I must make peace with myself about things I can’t do.

The second approach is to focus on what makes me resilient. This is a working principle. Knowing specifically what makes you resilient is imperative and can be applied moment to moment. I’m talking about the ability to recover from the expenditure of energy by having some internal gauge to know our reserves of energy, of nourishment, of time, and of other resources. It goes beyond my FitBit. Because if we know what’s in our tank, we can leave ourselves some headroom, rather than hitting our limits and leaving no space or time to be flexible.

Prediction: In the 21st century, flexibility will rise to a superpower.

Just after the holidays, a weird virus infiltrated my nervous system. It got a free pass to enter because I was run down. I made a vow to my body not to betray it again.

As a new year kicks off, I’m aiming for harmony between my work and wellness agendas. This means mastering the art of collaboration to share the load.

I also need a new mindset. Here it is: Time is my ally, not my enemy. I think I can work with that.

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