2019 Resolution: Break Free from the Work/Life Paradox Part 1

Wow, 2018 was a year of countless unforeseen changes. You too? Rising to each challenge proved to be wearing. I burnt out. What to do? Because the amount of complexity in our lives is not subsiding. The research reveals that failure to cope, if not adapt, will make us very sick.

Here’s what I’m seeing: We’re living in a time of a quickening. Time and social change are speeding up and converging. The people in my current study on identity describe it in many different ways, but collectively the trend is obvious. Time compression is a cultural reality.

Back in 2009, I predicted that more of us would clamor for ways to better use our time. We called it productivity. But that trend led to more task mastery. We even bought devices to track our obsession. Oh, look, the APP says I’m officially exhausted.

These days, the crux of the issue isn’t about better task management. It’s bigger. The deeper need is to restore some stability to our existence.

Look, I can no longer kid myself; my use of time and energy feels out of whack. And it’s destabilizing. I resolve in 2019 to make peace with time and generate more energy because the effort will make me generally stronger to handle the slings and arrows of daily life. It may also mean living a less eclectic life and giving up bad habits like my nightly glass of wine. I promise not to cry.

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