Thrilling Me Softly: What Digital Natives Love

3 Valentine’s Day tips: Tap into Millennials’ passion for honest come-ons.

Have you ever succumbed to link bait? If so, you’ll know it’s frustrating when your sincere desire meets a hostile pay wall or aggressive lead capture. Halt! Go no further without surrendering your privacy or your credit card.

So, what do you do? Research shows that if you’re a Millennial, you’ll cut and run. And secretly, you’ll resent the source that led you on. This post tells you what you need to know to make sure you woo well and win adoption of your message, cause or campaign.

To be clear, young people don’t hate brands. They hate in-your-face advertising. Not to mention false claims. If you’re too aggressive, expect blowback. Consider Illma Gore’s image of Donald Trump gone viral. Backlash for what she and her fans deemed boorish hype with the campaign to “Make America Great Again.”

But there are a few things you should know before you embrace a more honest approach to winning over web-savvy customers.

Love-worthy brands do these things:

  • Don’t be a tease. Make sure your headlines deliver what they promise. It’s easy to embellish a seductive headline, only to deliver lackluster material.
  • Don’t be too difficult to figure out. Check out this report from the folks over at Unbounce, the AB test results show that fewer words, plainly spoken, and more icons will win out.
  • Don’t force a commitment prematurely. Free-spirited Millennials are not dying to make you their BFF. So let people know your intentions. But do it with grace and sincerity. For example, recently I was surfing for insights for an entertainment client wanting to engage Millennial early adopters. I found a cool literary platform chock full of aspiring young writers. The pay wall whispered a clever personality:

‘“Money talks.” O. Henry
Speak to us, please.”

Now you know some of what it takes to help your content attract more love. You’re ready to go out there and thrill them softly.