The Road to Eureka!

It happens fairly often as I’m researching social trends. I’m faced with moments when I’m desperate for that really big eureka. I’m not talking about a run-of-the-mill “aha” moment. I’m talking about the kind of insight that blows the ceiling off a client’s conference room.

When I need inspiration sometimes, I’ll pick up the phone and ask my librarian friend what she’s reading. Or email John Zogby, the canny political pollster, and ask him what he’s seeing out there. Maybe I’ll visit my favorite creatives such as Jing Zhou, the spunky inventor of techno-bling. Or Emma over at Burnt Creme, who led me through Paris’ Latin Quarter where we ate fabulously.

My idea is not to force a “voila” moment. It’s just the opposite. Cleanse my brain’s palate.  Not with something bland. Rather, with something completely different from the data tables I’ve been staring at for hours.

If you haven’t yet encountered Pema Chodron, you may find her brand new book: Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better just the thing to open up new possibilities. Seth Godin wrote the forward.

I’m noticing that business thinkers, like lots of people, are embracing other ways of seeing problems. It’s a reach for enlightenment that is more evidence of a rising renaissance.

Pema Chodron is no Tom Peters. She’s a nun, for one thing. But more importantly, she’s different. While Tom’s voice is like a brilliant, energizing spark plug for the enterprise engine, times of uncertainty call for new voices.

I intend to give it a try. Clear my head. See what drops in.