Reading list: Taking Your Vital Signs

For months, I schlepped a weighty hardcover book in my suitcase entitled, Vital Signs, by Greg Levoy. Finally, a long delay at LaGuardia had me cracking it open. Once an expert on finding your “calling” Levoy’s recent book is about finding your passion. In an over-hyped world, it’s hard to believe there’s an absence of passion. And yet, as I was wrapping up a final round of interviews in New York for a study on Millennial aspirations, I was tuned into the self-doubt that shrouded those conversations.

Levoy’s mantra is that we lose our way when we disregard our passions. He explains, persuasively, why our passions are the wellspring of our vitality. Whether it’s our failure to nurture our passions, or reluctance to trust their potential, they are a guidance system, Levoy believes. Vital Signs is written with verve and wisdom from a guy who has taken plenty of risks and followed the journeys of others like him. It’s a book about trusting what stirs us and how to nurture it if we hope to live a more vivid life.

Who doesn’t want that?