Major Milestone–Turning 25

The OJ Simpson murder trial.

Pixar’s Toy Story.

Mel Gibson’s Braveheart.

 What do they have in common?

They launched during the winter of 1995.

So did I.

It was January 1995 when I opened the doors of my consulting practice. I had one client signed before I walked into my first rented office space.

Thirty-something with two little kids, maybe I was naively thrilled to be running my own business. Looking back over 25 years in business, it was a make-or-break move that shaped my life in countless ways.

Over the years, the firm’s staff size waxed and waned. We took a few pivots with our business model. Watched new media platforms launch—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. And nose dive—Vine, Tumblr. Courtship rituals moved to and Tinder.

I began blogging in 2002 on a now defunct platform. In 2003, my team developed a unique, web-enabled tool for our industry. It was a monster that devoured our resources. Four years later when the economy crashed, I sold it for parts.

The internet swiftly gathered force in American life, much like Katamari, the Play Station 2 game, where everything it touches sticks to it. The internet became the “web” and then “digital” as it also aggressively commercialized.

As I write this, technology is no longer just a set of devices or apps. It’s a culture. And it dominates.

This considered, I plan to mark the coming milestone with a special edition of the Annual Trend Report focusing on how tech has deeply affected our lives, our psyches, and our society. As I do every year, I’ll include some predictions.

It’s still free. Crazy, I know. Sign up here and I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Image Credit: KatamariDamacy-Nintendo