Creativity is a Mix Tape

Millennials like Sadie Schwarm fascinate me. Sadie is an ambitious young PR professional with a penchant for finding out what makes people tick. Her recent piece for Platform Magazine quotes a study about Creativity in PR | A Global Study that revealed the industry’s investment in creativity is beginning to pay off. This is despite continued friction with clients over ideas and budgets. The study found that nearly half of the respondents said the quality in PR campaigns has improved over the past year, pointing to creativity as a key ingredient.

Every successful agency I know cultivates creativity. We must. When clients come to us burned out and broken by internal politics and external pressures, they rely on us to be full of fresh ideas. But it’s more than that. There is an entire mix of things required to keep the creative juices flowing in any business.

Sadie identifies what they are, and offers some clear-cut ideas about why it matters in business. Read more here