Courting Millennials with Cultural Capital: 7 Things They Won’t Tell You

I’m excited to present our latest report: Courting Millennials with Cultural Capital: 7 Things Young Early Adopters Won’t Tell You. It’s offers a handy set of best practices for winning the hearts and minds of Millennial mavens.

Dig in and learn:

•    Why young influencers play an even bigger role for brands.

•    How to identify the right content and creators.

•    Four myths that can cripple your communications.

•    How to recruit and engage with confidence.


The insights in the report are drawn from a three-year project undertaken on behalf of a client, a non-profit philanthropy. We engaged creative Millennials struggling with debt. Most of it was college related. Our goal was to introduce them to basic money management tools.

As with all our projects, we began with a strict vow to view the participants as whole people, not data sources. That meant building sincere relationships online, during interviews, and at live events.

In other words, we listened and we listened carefully. We heard their fears and hesitations as they toed the edge of life’s diving board.

Crux insight:

Listening turned out to be the key to unlocking so many revelations, some of which I have synthesized for the report.

These days, I grow skittish about using the term Millennials.

It’s not just that the word is overused, and that it’s an invitation to oversimplify a robust—75 million—and very nuanced generation. It’s more about the respect I’ve gained for a generation coming of age in an era of such profound uncertainty.

Now, to download the report, go here. And if you find it useful, please let me know: @PatriciaMartin