BusinessTown’s Satire of Silicon Valley Speak

We love following BusinessTown!, a Tumblr blog devoted to cartoon versions of Silicon Valley stereotypes. Lately it’s been blowing up on the internet. Cleverly illustrated by Lunch Breath, it reimagines the charming characters created by Richard Scarry, the children’s author most well-known for his Busytown series. We see “value-creating winners” plugging and chugging in today’s always-on world of startups. Our fav is the cat Conversation Manager, for example, who “cultivates relationships with key influencers in the social media space.” It’s hilarious “in-sider speak” otherwise known as jargon. The fact that it can be stereotyped and so many people get the joke, tells us we’ve reached a cultural tipping point.

Our take: As jargon diffuses through a culture, it starts to loose some of its insider sharpness. If everyone is using it, then it doesn’t set people apart, especially elite, in-the-know tribes. When this happens, new jargon is needed and typically created by the same tribe that invented the jargon in the first place.

We’ve got our ear to the internet listening for the next, next lexicon to emerge.

We’ll keep you posted, but B.Y.O.D. (bring your own device).