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General | Patricia Martin

Home Front: To My Thoreau Delight

Sometime in 2017, my husband and I decided to look for a home in the woods. After months of fruitless searching, we nearly gave up. Shortly after we agreed to end the struggle, our realtor shot us a must-see listing. Yes! We made it ours. It’s a mid-century modern gem...

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News: Trend Report will be a Video Series!

After 9 years, I’m excited to announce that beginning in January, the new format for our popular Trend Report will be a video series. Change is good. After all, does anyone really need a giant sheaf of written findings to add to their monstrous stack of things to read? We...

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Announcing the 2017 Trend Report

It’s here! Our 2017 Trend Report is ready for download. This year, the team celebrated the fact that this marks our seventh annual Trend Report. It feels like a landmark in a world where very little lasts. Because we focus on deep social trends that have the power to endure,...

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The Road to Eureka!

It happens fairly often as I’m researching social trends. I’m faced with moments when I’m desperate for that really big eureka. I’m not talking about a run-of-the-mill “aha” moment. I’m talking about the kind of insight that blows the ceiling off a client’s conference room. When I need inspiration sometimes,...

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As Simple Step to Better Thinking

Escapism. It’s a precious thing to be able to clear the mind. To sit quietly by yourself, in a place outside your comfort zone (by that I mean, not your local coffee shop… you know, the one with the free wi-fi, where you sit in that same spot by the...

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The Wisdom of Self-Doubt

I’m writing a book. It’s taking forever. As I gaze across my writing studio, I see my stack of notes, a little over 3,000 pages last time I counted. Why is it taking so long? Well, I’m busy with client work, international travel, and, well, life. Excuses, excuses–the primary barrier...

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