The Ugly Truth About Meetings

No matter where you work, chances are that you spend a lot of time in meetings. But are meetings a good use of time? Do they help us accomplish things, or distract us from getting real work done? We found this clever infographic from Fuze called, The Ugly Truth About...

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Pocket Zones: How to Build Livable Megacities

The key to smarter cities will not be technology, but the existence of dense walkable zones made for easy living.   The MIT Tech Review speculates that in the coming decades, much of the population growth will happen in cities. By 2050, some 75 percent of the world’s population is...

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Cowbird: Making the Web Better for Humans

Three years ago, on the eve of unveiling his storytelling and photo-sharing platform, Jonathan Harris called his investors and gave back their $500K investment. Rather than caving into pressure to maximize profitability at the expense of the user experience, Harris stuck to his vision for Cowbird….full story at Huffington Post.  

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