RenGen: Renaissance Generation

RenGen: Renaissance Generation documents the power of the creative age. It draws a new picture of the American consumer as a thinking, expressive person and examines the factors that are giving rise to this renaissance, including:

  • a new class of workers dedicated to creating innovation
  • a growing desire to express new ideas and concepts visually
  • and, a new respect for learning-fueled by the Internet, a medium that links ideas, information, and visuals and connects people across communities

Based on original research, RenGen gives leaders a lens through which to consider important business decisions—how to engage, message, and find hidden potential.

“Flat out fantastic.”  —Neal Wyatt, Booklist Online

“Finally, a richly researched and highly interesting study of cultural consumers. Many companies and nonprofit organizations could benefit greatly by focusing on this group.”  —Philip Kotler, author and the “Father of Modern Marketing”

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Tipping the Culture

This handy chapbook of key lessons for communicating with digital natives is advice gathered from global brands including: Facebook, Red Bull, Ford Motor, Yahoo and many more. Learn their proven tactics for creating content Millennials will actually want to engage with and share. Download this free eBook that was the result of a year-long study commissioned by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation in collaboration with Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

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RenGen Manifesto

Patricia Martin brings her insight to this inspiring manifesto that heralds the rise of the creative age and it’s power to transform the way brands build business. The renaissance generation will use its mastery of digital tools to create a new world order based on mutualism, self-expression, and community. Read more…


Made Possible By

Made Possible By is a step-by-step guide to securing successful, sustainable corporate sponsorships. Industry expert Patricia Martin walks you through every phase of the process and shows how to assess what it will take to get your organization into the sponsorship business. Made Possible By gives you the information and tools you need to cultivate, pitch and negotiate a sponsorship deal.

In its 4th edition.

“Don’t even think about approaching a potential sponsor until you have read this book.”  —Joanne Fritz, review

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