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We Are What We Wear

We like Worn Stories, Emily Spivack’s fascinating collection of profiles about notable people through the lens of their clothing. It’s a study in identity expressed by fashion choices. We started following Spivack when she started the fashion blog for the Smithsonian.  She has a knack for giving us nuggets of...

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Creativity is a Mix Tape

Millennials like Sadie Schwarm fascinate me. Sadie is an ambitious young PR professional with a penchant for finding out what makes people tick. Her recent piece for Platform Magazine quotes a study about Creativity in PR | A Global Study that revealed the industry’s investment in creativity is beginning to pay...

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How Millennials Spend Their Money

Here’s a quick look at spending preferences among Millennials compare to all other consumers. The very first category, rented dwellings, is a stand out. First, it speaks to the steep hikes in rent that most cities have seen in the last two years. For instance, in 2014 the average monthly...

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Seeing Millennials Beyond their Profile

Several years ago, a reporter named Maggie contacted me for an interview. She was writing about consumer trends and tracked me down.  Maggie and I go way back, having lived in the same part of town, our paths crossed more than once. Lately, Maggie has taken on a project for TRUE,...

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BusinessTown’s Satire of Silicon Valley Speak

We love following BusinessTown!, a Tumblr blog devoted to cartoon versions of Silicon Valley stereotypes. Lately it’s been blowing up on the internet. Cleverly illustrated by Lunch Breath, it reimagines the charming characters created by Richard Scarry, the children’s author most well-known for his Busytown series. We see “value-creating winners”...

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Consumer data: Amazon Out, Wegmans In

My sister lives in Rochester, New York and over a decade ago she introduced me to the wonders of Wegmans Food Markets. An ordinary shopping trip became a portal into a vibrant world of fresh food, gourmet cooking demos, and commitment to community. It made me want to pick up...

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