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Thrilling Me Softly: What Digital Natives Love

3 Valentine’s Day tips: Tap into Millennials’ passion for honest come-ons. Have you ever succumbed to link bait? If so, you’ll know it’s frustrating when your sincere desire meets a hostile pay wall or aggressive lead capture. Halt! Go no further without surrendering your privacy or your credit card. So,...

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The Road to Eureka!

It happens fairly often as I’m researching social trends. I’m faced with moments when I’m desperate for that really big eureka. I’m not talking about a run-of-the-mill “aha” moment. I’m talking about the kind of insight that blows the ceiling off a client’s conference room. When I need inspiration sometimes,...

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As Simple Step to Better Thinking

Escapism. It’s a precious thing to be able to clear the mind. To sit quietly by yourself, in a place outside your comfort zone (by that I mean, not your local coffee shop… you know, the one with the free wi-fi, where you sit in that same spot by the...

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How to Influence Change: 3 Lessons I’ve Learned

After 20 years of helping companies and influential nonprofits compel change, I’ve learned valuable lessons about what it takes to get people to take action. Chief among them is that it’s not about the issue–it’s about what the issue means in people’s lives. Despite our passion for the causes we...

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The Wisdom of Self-Doubt

I’m writing a book. It’s taking forever. As I gaze across my writing studio, I see my stack of notes, a little over 3,000 pages last time I counted. Why is it taking so long? Well, I’m busy with client work, international travel, and, well, life. Excuses, excuses–the primary barrier...

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Reading list: Taking Your Vital Signs

For months, I schlepped a weighty hardcover book in my suitcase entitled, Vital Signs, by Greg Levoy. Finally, a long delay at LaGuardia had me cracking it open. Once an expert on finding your “calling” Levoy’s recent book is about finding your passion. In an over-hyped world, it’s hard to...

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