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Envisioning a Way Forward—Trend Report 2019

Every year, I bury myself. Not literally. I burrow into consumer data and devour breaking research and corporate forecasts. I interview experts and focus group moderators. My desktop is a jumble of notes and Post-Its. But there’s a method to the madness. Tracking the tremors before they turn into trends...

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What a Dominatrix Can Teach You about Love

While researching the #MeToo phenomenon, I discovered Kasia Urbaniak, a former Dominatrix. She was once paid $64,000 for a 10-minute session, a handsome fee that went toward her college tuition. Today, she teaches women-empowerment classes in New York. Her classes sell out. Soon she’ll be taking her training online including...

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Home Front: To My Thoreau Delight

Sometime in 2017, my husband and I decided to look for a home in the woods. After months of fruitless searching, we nearly gave up. Shortly after we agreed to end the struggle, our realtor shot us a must-see listing. Yes! We made it ours. It’s a mid-century modern gem...

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News: Trend Report will be a Video Series!

After 9 years, I’m excited to announce that beginning in January, the new format for our popular Trend Report will be a video series. Change is good. After all, does anyone really need a giant sheaf of written findings to add to their monstrous stack of things to read? We...

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New Research: How Robust Cultures Get That Way

These days, teams work in far-flung places and communicate electronically more than in person. What is the glue that holds teams together? For years, it seemed as though business leaders would strive to build great work cultures, but still fall short. At a corporate strategy session I recently facilitated, the...

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