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The Future of Market Research

For me, giving a keynote allows me to interact with two things I hold dear—people and ideas. When our work involves the things we love, it can give us that feeling of rapture that transcends everyday life. It’s a phenomenon Csíkszentmihályi called FLOW. Next month, I’ll address the Qualitative Research...

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Musée des possibles

To fulfill their future destinies, cultural institutions will welcome playful experimentation with the public. Try to imagine an antidote to the contentious, head-shrinking town hall sessions discussing a public museum, park or library. It might look like this: Musée des possibles from missmoun on Vimeo.

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Found Art: The Everyday You

I love the idea of this little app. Everyday simply reminds you to take a picture of yourself everyday. Its value may not seem obvious to the non-narcissists among you. For me, it helps me confront the real me…and forgive her. Our beloved colleague Patric King tipped us off about...

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How To Get Great Work: Make your Own Luck

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of guest lecturing at colleges. Young creatives often ask how they can compete for the highest paying, coolest jobs. My answer is always the same: make your own luck. Keep doing ambitious work right now—paid or not. Get your ideas out there. Whether you...

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