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About Patricia Martin

Patricia Martin is an author and noted expert on commerce and culture. She is a principal at LitLamp Communications, an award-winning marketing boutique that combines social research with strategic communications to help clients be persuasive in a digital culture.

Martin conjured a strategy for the Asian tour of the New York Philharmonic, spearheaded a viral Information Privacy initiative funded by George Soros, launched Animal Planet, introduced Dannon products into school lunch rooms nationwide, and re-focused Sun Microsystems’ higher education strategy.     

Author of the books Renaissance Generation: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer and What it Means to Your Business and Tipping the Culture: How Engaging Millennials Will Change Things, Martin pioneered the point of view that the convergence of art, technology and entertainment is remaking the American consumer. A keynote speaker in demand, Martin brings C-level executives to their feet when she casts the American consumer in a new light and sets the stage for marketing in the new economy.

Martin has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, NPR, the Wall Street Reporter, Market Watch, Harvard Business Review, and Advertising Age. She is a frequent contributor to Advertising Age and The Huffington Post, a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Cultural Affairs International, and lives near Chicago with her daughter, Grace.

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