Patricia Martin is a cultural analyst and the author of three books on consumer trends. She investigates deep societal trends that have the power to open new markets and shape the culture. She travels the world giving talks at industry conferences and private retreats for clients eager to embrace tomorrow.

The award-winning consulting firm she founded and heads helps some of the world’s most respected brands reach into the future: Discovery Communications, Dannon, Target, NASA, Unisys and the New York Philharmonic. Her work has been featured in the New York TimesHarvard Business Review, USA Today and Advertising Age.

Earlier in her career, Patricia helped major brands pioneer forward-looking initiatives. She designed the blueprint for the first philanthropy of Bill Gates, who was quoted in the New York Times saying, “History will get right as my most important legacy.”

Patricia embraced digital when it was a zygote. She collaborated with Vinton Cerf, father of the Internet, on a 25-state connectivity effort, and was on the team for Coca-Cola’s first cause-marketing campaign in partnership with Warner Brother’s Harry Potter franchise and Reading is Fundamental.

Based in Chicago, Patricia researches and writes about life in the digital culture. To unplug, she spends weekends with her husband in a mid-century modern cottage in the woods.